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Children's Chorus Tour to France

This project is a partnership between The Confederation Centre Children's Chorus and the choirs of Langres, France. The project will encompass a tour of the Centre's Children's Chorus to Langres and Paris in April, 2004 followed by a return tour of the Langres choirs to Canada in the summer of 2004. The Centre's Children's Chorus will present a series of concerts in Paris, Langres, and Dijon. Local families will host the youth choir presenting opportunity for greater cultural exchange. The Chorus would present a varied programme of music including Acadian Folk songs as well as classics from the vocal repertoire. The 35 members of the touring chorus is made up of Youth ages 14-18, most of whom have studied French in school. This tour will give the youth both a cultural/musical experience and an immersion into French culture/language. The Chorus could be incorporated into high-profile French cultural events/concerts.


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