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Canada 2004
Agrandir/réduire la résolution de l'écran

Canada France 1604-2004
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Youth Community Citizenship

The above goals will be accomplished through the following activities: 1. An exchange of best practices and methods between Canadian and French young people 15-35 who are ‘animators’ of youth participation on a variety of issues (environment, health, education) in their urban community: <sum> 2 Canadian youth will participate as observers in the ANACEJ May 2004 meeting, where they will learn more about the operating reality of youth councils and organizations <sum> 8 young Canadian animators will exchange ideas with 10 representatives of French youth councils or organizations through presentations, activities, informal strategy meetings, workshops and skill building sessions <sum> 2 youth additional youth will participate in a dialogue session in spring of 2005 with Youth Planet members from other European nations to broaden the perspective that will eventually be included in “Youth Community Citizenship Toolkit” for municipal leaders and youth community animators 2. The result of ongoing dialogue between Canadian, French and other European youth organizations will be to form policy recommendations along with an appropriate package of tools to promote the idea of ‘youth community citizenship’ to municipal leaders at the 2006 world urban forum <sum> Specific policy recommendation for municipal leaders <sum> Specific methods, tools, best practices and success stories from around the world to guide subsequent action by municipal leaders or youth community animators <sum> A workshop to deliver the above as a Youth Community Citizenship tool kit in hardcopy and online 3. A multimedia exhibit of Canadian excellence in the field of promoting youth citizenship through enhancing the environmental sustainability of their urban communities. <sum> This exhibit will consist of 30 second to 2 minute video vignettes showing actual success stories which communicate the idea of ‘youth community citizenship’ focusing specifically on environmental issues <sum> Large wall panels displays with photos profiling and quoting youth who have participated their community and have improved their local environment <sum> Large wall display or interactive media to profile one organization success story


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