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Canada 2004
Agrandir/réduire la résolution de l'écran

Canada France 1604-2004
Canada un espace pour l'imagination

Festival du Film du Canada

Our Canadian Film festival is a celebration of successful Canadian Films in Paris: the hub of European cinema. This high profile two-week event provides the opportunity to develop cultural relationships between French and Canadian filmmakers, further exposing acclaimed Canadian cinema from both present and past and to introduce new film projects to French distributors for future marketability. Located in the heart of Paris, only steps away from “L’Arc de Triomphe’ Cinema MacMahon has contributed to the Parisian cultural environment through its film festivals and North American premiers since 1938. As recently as September 2003 we had the privilege of hosting the Canadian avant-premiere of Deny Arcand’s “Les Invasions Barbares.” Over the past few years the MacMahon team has worked in partnership with ‘Cannes’ and ‘Deauville’ adding further exposure and publicity by showcasing their emerging key Films. Our experience in bringing public attention through our relationships with press and media in France has been proven. And with the long-standing history between Canada and France, the success of other Canadian cultural events in Paris, the opportunity to develop the ‘First Ever Canadian Film Festival’ is a long time coming. Working together with ‘Film Circuit’ – a division of the Toronto Film Festival, we will be a part of an international tour of recent Canadian films that will be appearing around the globe. The selection of these cross-cultural films will help enlighten French society through thought-provoking insight into the true diversity of our country. Not only will the event provide a cultural exchange, it is a forum for Canadian actors and directors to discuss their work with French filmmakers and distributors. This open dialogue will create an opportunity to share ideas and experiences in an avenue of cultural exchange. By hosting ‘avant premieres’ and post-film galas in a high profile media event to encourage relationships and networking between decision makers from both countries that may expand into future film projects. The success of this first-ever Canadian Film festival is vital for its long-term objectives. The impact made in Paris will greatly influence the next steps towards developing into an annual film festival which would continue to expand into other parts of France: Lyon, Nice, Toulouse and Bordeaux. This event is only made possible through support from both the private sector and Canada-France 2004 Program. Your support will be critical to the marketing, promotion and general operating of the festival. We would like, at your discretion, to host an evening in celebration of your program and support of our festival. That night’s film would be a film of your choice, with a highly public, press-oriented, VIP gala closing off the evening. With a history as rich as our last four hundred years have been, we are presented with the challenge of creating an event, which will continue the cinematic success that has captured our nation’s legacy.


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