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Canada France 1604-2004
Canada France 1604-2004
Canada a space for imagination


Third call for projects June 1 - July 15, 2003

(Paris, France)
Applicant organization: A+H et Associés

  • Canada Chizé 2èmes Rencontres internationales d'art contemporain de Chizé

  • (Chizé, France)
    Applicant organization: Comité d'animation et des fêtes de Chizé
    Description: The project consists in bringing a delegation of 10 to 20 visual artists and electronic arts creators to Chizé, where “traditional” plastic arts will be combined with new computer and multimedia forms of expression. Exchanges and cooperation between Canadian, French and international artists will be established in the creation process.

  • Champlain

    (Sillery, Canada)
    Applicant organization: Editions du Septentrion
    Description: At the invitation of the Canadian federal government, a group of historians has set about studying the various aspects of Champlain’s life. About 30 of these historians gathered at a symposium in September 2002. For 2004, the team intends to collect an extensive body of material on “Champlain and his times,” which will result in the publication of an impressive work of some 400 pages. The project will shed light on a number of little-known aspects of early French North America.

  • Colloque international et pluridisciplinaire: Adaptation et innovation: expériences acadiennes

    (Poitiers, France)
    Applicant organization: Institut d'Etudes Acadiennes et Québécoises (IEAQ)
    Description: In 2004, on the occasion of Acadia’s 400th birthday, we propose a scientific look at the innovative experiments that Acadians were able and even forced to develop in order to adapt, while maintaining their distinctive way of life. “[translation] We are appealing to you again because our conference has been formalized as the ‘Annual conference of the Association Française d'Etudes Canadiennes.’ This prestigious name gives new scope to the project, but also presents financial challenges if we want the event to be an outstanding project of the Canada-France 2004 celebrations. Since our regular financial partners have already been approached, we must make a second appeal for funding, which we hope you will grant.”

  • Commémoration du 400e anniversaire de la signature par Henri IV de la Commission de Pierre Dugua de Mons

    (Paris, France)
    Applicant organization: Les Amitiés Acadiennes
    Description: On November 8, 1603, King Henry IV expressed his interest in these far-off lands by commissioning Pierre Dugua de Mons to establish a settlement on the shore of the New World and transport farmers and artisans there to set up a French colony. The letter of Commission appointing Dugua de Mons the “Lieutenant Governor of Acadia” is the founding act of Acadia and French Canada. Consequently, the Amitiés Acadiennes will commemorate this historic date on Saturday, November 8, 2003, in the Salle des Colonnes, Château de Fontainebleau, in the presence of its members and a large Canadian delegation that will come for the event.

  • Création d'un conte sur le fait Acadien en Poitou

    (Poitiers, France)
    Applicant organization: Comité des Amitiés acadiennes de la Vienne
    Description: The project is aimed at children aged 5 to 12 years. It will be presented at least thirty times in schools. A partnership with the Inspection académique will enable teachers to officially register the project as a school project and as a federative project. We are proposing to showcase Acadian history through a story created and told by a professional team of Poitevins and Acadians.

  • Forum international de jeunes en insertion (phase organisationnelle)

    (Campbellton, Canada)
    Applicant organization: Association des Anciens, Anciennes et ami-e-s du Collège communautaire de Campbellton Inc.
    Description: The project (phase II: organizational phase) consists in organizing an International Forum that will take place near Paris, at the Institut National de la Jeunesse et de l'Éducation Populaire in the region of Marly-le-Roy. The forum will be preceded in Canada by a national forum that will take place in Campbellton, N.B. There will be virtual cultural exchanges between participants to ensure they are well-prepared for the forums, and workshops in entrepreneurship and leadership will be presented to increase participants’ employability and decrease their social exclusion.

  • Itinéraires de sculpture

    (Châlons-en-Champagne, France)
    Applicant organization: Association des Amis de Jean Talon

  • Journées polaires

    (Bordeaux, France)
    Applicant organization: Association "Horizon Polaire"
    Description: The Association “Horizon Polaire” is proposing new “Polar Days” in Aquitaine: exhibits, conferences, film, comedy show, concert, etc.—plenty of opportunities provided to the public, discoveries, meetings and exchanges. The Association’s objective is to introduce the polar world in all its forms, to all audiences. It is a gathering place and forum for discussion for all enthusiasts of white open spaces. It proposes exploring these vast expanses, meeting their people and sharing exceptional moments of human, scientific and cultural adventures.

  • Les Vents de la Liberté

    (Loudun Cedex, France)
    Applicant organization: "Acadie, Naissance d'un Peuple"
    Description: This show traces the entire history of Acadia and New France, from the creation of the first colony in 1604 to today. It will be staged during the festivities planned in the Poitou-Charentes region to celebrate the Congrès Mondial Acadien. The historical retrospective is made up of passages performed by actors and dancers, as well as images projected on screens, paying tribute to all those who worked to build a new nation.

  • Mars acadien en Poitou

    (Poitiers Cedex, France)
    Applicant organization: Comité des Amitiés acadiennes de la Vienne
    Description: In the context of the stories whose presentations will begin in February, attention in March will be focused on highlighting, for the first time, the most well-known Acadian artist after Antoine Maillet: Herménégilde Chiasson. Through literature, cinema and art, the project will help strengthen dynamics with various partners interested in the Acadian fact, by introducing Acadian artists into the French-Canadian literature course, through invitations to writing workshops and by introducing Acadian works into the research activities of literature students. Above all, it will help raise awareness of Acadia among the student population.

  • Promotion des activités de recherche du PREFEN

    (Caen Cedex, France)
    Applicant organization: Centre de recherche d'histoire quantitative - Université de Caen

  • Symposium international d'artistes français et acadiens: "Déplacement"

    (Poitiers, France)
    Applicant organization: Comité des Amitiés acadiennes de la Vienne
    Description: The theme of this symposium of artists connected with the Acadian fact is “movement.” The project is linked with the “innovation and adaptation: Acadian experiments” conference. We are proposing a gathering of 10 artists—five Acadians and five Poitevins—as part of a symposium where traditional arts (painting, sculpture) meet contemporary arts (video, photographs). The works will stay in Poutou, in key locations of the Acadian fact. Movement is a strong dynamic in Acadian development, and it is expected to continue to nourish the cultural exchanges that are so indispensable to multidimensional partnerships from region to region, such as those between Poitou and the province of New Brunswick. This event will also be the first response to four consecutive years of participation by Poitevin artists in the Caraquet visual arts festival. An agreement is being negotiated with the Caraquet visual arts festival.

  • Traduction et production: Annales du Patrimoine de Fécamp-Cahier #10 sur le French Shore

    (Saint-Jean, Canada)
    Applicant organization: Fédération des Francophones de Terre-Neuve et du Labrador
    Description: As part of the celebrations organized for 2004, the Association Fécamp-Terre-Neuve and Society 2004 join forces to co-publish book #10, dealing exclusively with the French fishery on the Newfoundland coasts, a specific right that France did not give up until 1904. A dozen feature articles will retrace the history of the French Shore, life on the French Shore at the time of the fishery and the French Shore today. The book’s goal is to provide French and Canadian readers with a comprehensive and completely new document on this little-known aspect of the ties that link France and Canada. Translation of the book will enable Newfoundland residents to benefit from the information in the book, which will become an archival document, an educational tool and a high-quality cultural and tourist product.

  • z L'héritage de Champlain: cinq siècles d'échanges entre le Centre-Ouest français et l'Amérique du Nord

    (La Rochelle, France)
    Applicant organization: AUGERON